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want to know wealth am pregnant or no

1 Reply Asked by h***a | 9/2/2016 5:46:57 AM

I saw my period last July 30th 2016 and uptill now i've not seen it, though I had sex the d...

I'm not understanding the calender

3 Replies Asked by N***a | 8/31/2016 6:12:59 PM

Can somebody please help me do the calendar that knows what they are doing ?!!!

Eye Operation

1 Reply Asked by J***y | 8/8/2016 11:51:11 AM

Going foe eye catarac operation

planning get pregnant with a baby boy

3 Replies Asked by m***z | 8/8/2016 7:37:25 AM

hi, i want to get pregnant wd a baby boy, my bithdate is May 10,1984 & my husband is in Jan...

i know my chinese birthday but would like to know what my western birthday is?

2 Replies Asked by s***y | 7/26/2016 4:15:45 AM

hi, i am born on March 7, 1970 on 2:45 am in the chinese lunar calendar. i would like to know ...

In 7th month... you don't "sacrifice the deceased"

1 Reply Asked by z***i | 7/15/2016 2:21:45 AM

Just wanted to comment that your english phrasing is not very clear.. Under your page on 7th mo...

I want baby boy

1 Reply Asked by a***a | 7/2/2016 11:16:23 AM

HELLO' my date of birth is 21/12/1985, i have already baby girl, i want conceive baby boy p...


1 Reply Asked by b***m | 6/27/2016 2:31:04 PM

What is meant by sacrifice in calendar?

Can I see a calendar that shows the year of 1962?

1 Reply Asked by N***a | 6/14/2016 10:56:07 PM

Can i see a calendar that shows the year of 1962?

Technical = star meaning

1 Reply Asked by C***y | 6/5/2016 8:45:10 PM

What do the yellow stars on the calendar mean? Thank you!

June1 2016 for operation

1 Reply Asked by G***a | 6/1/2016 8:06:44 AM

Is June1 2016 at 14:30 (GMT+3) Auspicious for taking teeth out?

conception date

1 Reply Asked by i***5 | 5/30/2016 4:13:22 AM

This s Nisha I have doubt what is mean by conception date and how to calculate conception date....

Birthday gregorian/lunar conversion

1 Reply Asked by D***n | 5/9/2016 11:01:12 PM

If I have a birthday in lunar calendar ....21st day of 10 month 1951 lunar calendar for example...

when my child to be born

1 Reply Asked by r***h | 4/27/2016 4:21:52 PM

I want to know the date of My first baby delivery

I need explanation to the two different dates in each highlighted box es

1 Reply Asked by C***u | 4/9/2016 8:41:55 PM

The highlighted boxes have two different dates and I need interpretation to it

I want a boy baby please give me some dates and my dob is 23 10 1984.

1 Reply Asked by A***p | 3/16/2016 5:38:37 PM

I want a boy baby please give me some dates and my dob is 23 10 1984.

wedding date

1 Reply Asked by e***v | 3/16/2016 8:15:39 AM

which month should tiger get married?

ovalution cycle period

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 3/5/2016 8:02:28 PM

Hi. How will I come to know my ovalution cycle period... wether it is 28 or 35 days?

confusion about conceiving period

1 Reply Asked by k***a | 2/2/2016 6:19:38 AM

hi, my name is Kavita I have one baby boy and I m trying for baby girl my birth date is 16/05/1...

When is Month 6 Day 26 (lunar calendar) in normal calendar.

1 Reply Asked by a***d | 1/22/2016 2:28:25 AM

I am not Chinese. It was hard for me to understand the Chinese calendar. I was ongoing do my as...

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