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Auspicious Times

3 Replies Asked by J***e | 7/13/2017 10:19:33 PM

What time zone are the dates and times for auspicous dates provided in?


1 Reply Asked by Y***e | 6/1/2017 9:40:25 PM

Hi, My birth date is lunar calendar: may 25 convert to Gregorian Western Calendar is what Month and date and Day? Thanks

real age

1 Reply Asked by m***s | 6/1/2017 3:16:58 PM

if i was born on 20 November,1974 and i concept on june 2017 , in this case i am not yet 43 years yet. which year should i count? is 42 or 43 years

Is 1987 before or after Chinese lunar year

3 Replies Asked by S***. | 6/1/2017 2:42:26 AM

If a person is born in 1987, is it before or after the Chinese lunar year

clash dragon

1 Reply Asked by k***k | 5/27/2017 11:56:40 AM

there's something that says "clash dragon" on june 4th, what does it mean?


1 Reply Asked by L***z | 5/16/2017 10:58:00 AM

Was 1980 a female year or male year?

In China calendar how to know age

1 Reply Asked by R***a | 5/9/2017 2:46:28 AM

Date of birth is 25 12 1980 I want to know my age in China calendar

Gregorian calendar or Lunar Calendar

1 Reply Asked by L***I | 4/23/2017 6:39:42 AM

Are all of the auspicious dates that you have posted based on a Gregorian Calendar or a Lunar Calendar. For example, if you're born on the year of a horse, the best months to get married would either be in January or June. Would that be January of the Gregorian calendar or the first month of the Lunar calendar?

March as "enemy month"

3 Replies Asked by V***n | 4/5/2017 2:52:24 PM

I heard somewhere that this year, in 2017, march will be the enemy month of people born in Rooster year. Is that true ? When does this "enemy month" start and end ? ANd what does that mean ?? Thank you.

About Clash Day

1 Reply Asked by j***7 | 3/29/2017 3:37:25 AM

what are the prediction if born of clash day? I discover here in your calendar that i born in my clash day, what is the meaning of that? it means that im black monkey born in red tiger? im so lucky that i am alive today but sometimes even if i have good plan or good things come to me there's always bad things happen, i am born 7/27/1986 3:26am Philippines time


1 Reply Asked by J***m | 3/17/2017 5:15:23 AM

Hi, is March 18, 2018 a good wedding date for the year of the dragon and ox? Thanks

birthday animals

1 Reply Asked by r***3 | 3/12/2017 3:02:03 PM

my birthday is on july17th whats my birthday animal?


1 Reply Asked by A***e | 3/3/2017 7:09:57 AM

Actually I wanted to know when to conceive for a baby birthday is Sept 29, 1989.

what is Xin day ?

1 Reply Asked by R***o | 2/26/2017 4:38:16 PM

In a book of acupuncture says: The Lung Channel is most active on a Xin day. Thank You

How to know the delivery date during pregnancy time in Chinese calendar

1 Reply Asked by T***i | 2/25/2017 9:08:46 AM

How to find the delivery date during pregnancy time

2017 year,

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 2/22/2017 12:53:08 AM

Hi..I'm a water Pig born early september with fire rooster day.. what's in store for my?

I want to know about married date in 2017

4 Replies Asked by A***n | 2/9/2017 12:41:04 AM

Hello Sir, I want to marry on 27 May, 2017. can I marry in this day? I am snake year and he is rooster year (my partner). Thank I wait your answer.

Chinese calendar

1 Reply Asked by S***e | 2/7/2017 8:36:47 PM

I'm 16 years old and I last saw my periods last year on the 6th April I want to know if I'm getting a boy or a girl but the Chinese calendar starts from the age of 18 please help.


3 Replies Asked by M***t | 2/5/2017 9:48:15 AM

How many percentage of accuracy of this calander??


1 Reply Asked by J***e | 2/5/2017 3:01:37 AM

What are my lucky days

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