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When is Late Summer. There are 5 Chinese Seasons. I am trying to figure out the dates for each season for 2015. Is there another calendar I should be looking at.


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Hi Charles,

There are four seasons in China. I never heard there are five.

The time division for the four seasons is as follows:

Spring: from March to May
Summer: from June to August
Autumn: from September to November
Winter: from December to February of the next year.
The 5 seasons relate to the 5 Chinese elements Spring is wood (liver), Summer is fire (heart), Late Summer is earth (spleen), Autumn is metal(lungs) and Winter is water (kidney). I am trying to find the corresponding calendar dates for each of these seasons.

I got it.

Late Summer is the fifth season. In fact, in Chinese calendar, there is no such a season. Only four exist.

I checked it online and found it's associated with the Earth element and a time that is distinct from both summer and autumn. It is a season of harvest. Some regard the season as the transition period between each of the other four seasons. Few people know the season around me.
Thanks for looking into this for me. It is greatly appreciated. I had come up with two possibilities in my research. One was an extra month between summer and autumn with each season having about 73 days. The other was a two to three week period at the end of each of the four normal seasons. I was just looking to see if one was more correct than the other to be used in a 5 element Qigong class I am developing. Again, thank you for your time in this matter

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