I want to know about married date in 2017


Hello Sir,
I want to marry on 27 May, 2017.
can I marry in this day?
I am snake year and he is rooster year (my partner).


I wait your answer.

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Hi Allen,

27 May, 2017 is OK for you to get married but it's not an auspicious date especially for wedding. If you want an auspicious date for wedding during weekend, you'd better advance it one or two weeks. 13 May, 2017 and 20 May, 2017 are both auspicious dates for marriage.
Hello ChineseAstrology Team,

For my country is married two day.
We start on 26 May and 27 May (for 2 days).
But your team said that I can marry on 27 May but is not auspicious date for married.
Do you have other solution if I want to marry on 26 May and 27 May.
Can you give me some idea?
Can you send back to me today?
I hope you can help me and reply to me today or soon.
Thank so much, ChineseAstrology Team.

Best Regard,
From Allen
Hi Allen,

Does your country have a custom that couples should choose auspicious date to get married? If it hasn't the custom, don't pay too much attention to choose the auspicious dates for wedding. It will not affect you.
I want to get register on 02/08/2017. I am a tiger and he is a dragon. It's a good day for Chinese calendar.

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