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I am born on 3 Feb 1973 at 10am. But there are some masters says that I am considered rat cos "Li Chun" is on 4 Feb. So can you please enlighten me whether I am consider rat or ox? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sean Kok,

There are two calculation methods of the Chinese Zodiac year. One is based on the Chinese lunar new year and the other is based on Li Chun the Beginning of Spring. You are under the Ox sign if you use the first way and if you use the second way, you are under the Rat sign.

In reality, most people, especially young people, do not know about the way to start from Beginning of Spring. It is believed that the animal year shall start from the Chinese lunar New Year, and most of the people in China use this way to calculate their animal sign.

It can be said you were born on the cusp or between the signs. You will find you may have characters of both Rat and Ox.

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