Is it true that the Chinese day sign is more influential than the year sign?


According to Chinese four pillars, everyone has a year, month, day, and hour sign. I have heard that the day sign is the most important and influential.

It makes sense because I was born in the year of the Horse but I have always felt more like a Dragon, which happens to be my day sign.

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Hi Anna,

All the four pillars affects your fate. In fact, the year pillar stands for your ancestor and it dominates your fortune before 16 years old; The month pillar stands for your parents and also your brothers or sisters, and it dominates your fortune between 16 and 32; The day pillar stands for yourself or spouse and it dominates your fortune between 32 and 48. The time pillar is your children and it reflects your fortune after 48 years old.

As the day pillar stands for yourself, so you may find you like the sign which happens to your day sign.

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