Rules for Questions and Answers

Rules for Questions and Answers

The 'Questions and Answers' of is a free platform for users to ask questions about Chinese zodiac, Feng Shui, Baby gender prediction, auspicious dates for some events and more about Chinese Astrology. You can post your questions easily after login. In order to improve the whole quality of the posts and make others find the useful information more easily, we make the following rules. The rules are easy to follow. Thank you for your cooperation.

General Posting Guidelines

1. The Summary of Your Topic Should be Clear and Descriptive
Some of the users post their questions with the summary of ‘Help me’, ‘Hello’, or ‘I have a question’, etc. This kind of question Title is not clear to summarize your question and is hard for others to know your question at once without seeing the details. Also, it’s not friendly to search engines. So, you may not get help from others as you expected.

2. Make Your Question Clear and Descriptive
Some of the users post their questions without thinking too much. They just say ‘I want a baby boy’. As you know it’s a wish instead of a question. Also, it’s hard for people to give you an answer as it’s a too large question. You’d better make it clear like ‘I want to conceive a baby boy. When is the best time? My DOB is XXX. ’

3. No Spam / Advertising / Self-promote
Please do not spam the 'Questions and Answers' with links to your site (we are not allowed users to post links of other sites now except, or self-promotion to your website, products, business and more. Any post considered spam will be removed at once.

4. No Irrelevant Questions or Answers Please
Some users post questions that are irrelevant with the board. For example, they ask a question about love match in Chinese calendar board. In general, our administrator will move it to the right place. However, if your question is irrelevant to any of our listed topics, your question will be deleted. Also, if you answer the questions with irrelevant contents, we’ll delete your question even your right to post in our forum will be banned permanently.

5. No Duplicate Questions Please
Some users would like to post many same questions with different names in order to get more exposure. We do not allow users to do so and will delete the duplicate ones immediately.

6. No Copyright-infringing Material Please
Please make sure your question, description or answer are original and not copied from other places.

7. No Questions related to Future Predictions Please
We don’t reply questions for personal future predictions. Such as ‘When will I get married?’, ‘Will it be love marriage or arranged marriage for me?’, ‘How will be my married life?’, ‘Will I get a government job’ etc. If you ask such kind of questions, you may get no answers. 

8. Treat Other Users with the Respect at All Times Please.
As people answer your question selflessly, please treat them like you would like to be treated! Don’t urge them to give you an answer in time or criticize them if you don’t get a satisfied reply.