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Bent boy or girl

3 Replies Asked by T***v | 4/6/2019 1:03:20 AM

Hi I am trupti jadhav. My DOB 9th July 1982. born in malad. Birth Time -7pm I have one beby boy for 4yr 5 month .i have get 2nd chance .Kya muje girl hogi?

Need boy

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 4/4/2019 12:14:13 AM

Hi I’m Sunita I need to conceive baby boy 2019 and 2020 please let me know my DOB is 10/12/1989 thank you

Need boy

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 3/27/2019 4:08:55 AM

Hi I’m thinking about to get baby boy in 2020 what is the best month to conceive baby boy in 2020 date of birth is 10/12/1989 thank you

Love marriage or arrange marriage?

0 Reply Asked by A***i | 3/27/2019 2:50:57 AM

My dob is 8th july 1996..birth time 9.17 a.m...I will have love marriage or arrange marriage?

Mystic cross

1 Reply Asked by B***d | 3/22/2019 9:16:21 PM

I have exactly three of them. Theyre spaced about the same distance from eachother, each between the head line and the heart line. I also have them below my ring finger and middle finger. I have a bunch of lines under my pinky. What does this mean?

I want baby boy and want to conceive this year 2019, can I get best dates .

1 Reply Asked by A*** | 3/22/2019 12:37:34 PM

I want baby boy and want to conceive this year 2019, can I get best dates . my DOB 08July1993. please suggest date/ months as per indian dates not chennies dates. Thanks in advance ... yours. chenchu

Help me please

1 Reply Asked by B***u | 3/16/2019 7:23:10 PM

I have 1 daughter and want to know the conceiving months for baby boy in 2020 My DOB as per Gregorian calendar is 22 August1989. I’ve seen your baby boy chart but is this true as some another calender predicts different results. So it confused me. Requesting you to pls help me. My husband DOB is 19 march 1986. Can u help me in this when to conceive and I will ge 100% baby boy. Thanks in advance

I want to know baby gender

1 Reply Asked by K***i | 3/16/2019 8:27:34 AM

Date of birth April 22,1993 Conception date Nov 20,2018

Baby boy

1 Reply Asked by R***a | 3/15/2019 10:48:27 AM

I want to conceive a baby boy. When is the best time? My dob 4/08/1992. In 2019,2020,2021


1 Reply Asked by M***n | 3/14/2019 3:32:45 PM

Hi, I have recently been having doubts regarding my career , which is also making me upset. Can you advise based on my sign if financials are going to get better in future? Date of birth - 25th March 1985

Will I ever find true love?

0 Reply Asked by A***a | 3/6/2019 11:12:00 AM

I really am a little unfortunate in my love life. I just want to know if i will ever find love.

I have identical moles on my palm in both handsy

0 Reply Asked by J***h | 2/28/2019 7:50:06 PM

Both my hands have a mole in the palm, the right one I've had for as long as I could remember. And the left one appeared one day when I was about three years old. The moles are in the exact same place on each hand like a mirror image. What does this mean?

Clarify meaning of ‘nothing suitable’ under inauspicious days

1 Reply Asked by J*** | 2/27/2019 1:18:02 AM

Just want to know what ‘nothing suitable’ means under inauspicious day. Does it mean ok to proceed with any activity like stove installation? This is for feb 28,2019.

Need Baby boy

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 2/23/2019 3:25:21 PM

Hi I’m Sunita my DOB is 10/12/1989 I need baby boy to conceive and my period date is 2/22/2019 please let me know which day is good to conceives boy ?? Thank you🙏🏻

at what age i wil get married

1 Reply Asked by d***j | 2/12/2019 9:59:37 AM

at what age i wil get marriage wil u say me my age my date of birth :29/04/1994

Regarding conceiving baby boy

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 2/8/2019 11:40:48 AM

How to conceive baby boy in 2019. My DOB is 10/02/1980.plz give me proper dates...

Cross inside phoenix eye

0 Reply Asked by V***z | 1/31/2019 2:09:23 PM

Hi! Quite curiuos about the meaning of a clear cross inside my phoenix eye on my righ hand. I have phoenix eyes no both thumbs, but the cross is more clear on the right. Regards

Plz tell me I have love marriage or not

0 Reply Asked by Y***n | 1/20/2019 6:28:00 AM

I love marriage or not

Broken life line but connected with zig zag lines

0 Reply Asked by B*** | 1/17/2019 11:13:03 AM

The line by the thumb , life line is broken at the end not connecting to the wrist line and there's a zig zag line like a X connecting the life line . With this line the life line is touching the wrist line . I'm confused, is it bad .

fish sign

0 Reply Asked by z***a | 1/17/2019 10:43:25 AM

a couple of fish sign in Saturn mount

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