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my fate line starts from mount of venus . and then splits into two small lines. I have a birthmark(black spot) on it.and the fate line stops below the headline. and I have a line starting between the index and the middle finger .what does this indicate??

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Your fate line and the spot on fate line show you have no worries about money as you could inherit a fortune from parents, relatives or ancestors. You can easily get a promotion and pay rise but are more likely to lose money or suffer disasters than the average. Thus you should do more good deeds, be generous and tolerant in treating people, walk away from things that don't concern you and never give credence to rumors. Especially in the workplace, do not talk gossips or you will offend the villains at work. If you can do things carefully with caution and devotion and think twice about everything, you will be double blessed.

The line starting between the index and the middle finger should be the sister line of Heart Line which is called Girdle of Venus. People with the Ring of Venus feature strong sense of beauty and talent in art and creation. They are very precocious and tend to have puppy love; they care about the opposite sex very much, express their love meticulously, get hurt easily and react violently to love.

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