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Plz tell me I have love marriage or not

0 Reply Asked by Y***n | 1/20/2019 6:28:00 AM

I love marriage or not

Broken life line but connected with zig zag lines

0 Reply Asked by B*** | 1/17/2019 11:13:03 AM

The line by the thumb , life line is broken at the end not connecting to the wrist line and the...

fish sign

0 Reply Asked by z***a | 1/17/2019 10:43:25 AM

a couple of fish sign in Saturn mount

line coming from mount of luna

0 Reply Asked by z***a | 1/17/2019 10:36:51 AM

the single line coming out from the mount of luna divide into two both moving towards the mount...


0 Reply Asked by z***a | 1/17/2019 10:32:43 AM

what does fish and diamond sign means in the mount of Jupiter

Line for Career In Sports

0 Reply Asked by O***v | 1/14/2019 7:36:12 AM

Which line tells about career in sports?

Strange behavior in Head line

0 Reply Asked by S***l | 1/14/2019 4:53:51 AM

My head line divides into two branches, at place parallel to below the middle fingure. The low...

Ascending line

1 Reply Asked by M***1 | 1/10/2019 11:17:04 PM

Hy A line that starts from the sister line and stops under Saturn's mount is a sign of mad...

branches in fate money and sun lines

1 Reply Asked by z***a | 1/10/2019 9:59:03 AM

the money line is divided into 2 then one of which is further divided into 3 and the one again ...

Heart line and head line meet above the life line

2 Replies Asked by R*** | 1/6/2019 6:20:40 AM

I have lots of crosses and lines on my hands. But I also notice I have a very wierd line too. M...

mole on upper right lip

1 Reply Asked by v***g | 1/1/2019 10:58:11 AM

I have a big mole on my upper right lip, just below my nostril where tha air comes out whhen I ...

Marriage Line

1 Reply Asked by v***g | 1/1/2019 10:55:28 AM

I have 2 distinct marriage lines. The upper one is longer while the lover one is shorter. The l...

I want to know about my headline in my palm

1 Reply Asked by N***v | 12/31/2018 10:13:49 AM

I can see I have no headline. Let me know for any further details

My winning lottery numbers

1 Reply Asked by a***z | 12/19/2018 11:22:30 PM

My winning lottery numbers,my birthday is July 14,1977

Dot on fate line with junction of heart line

0 Reply Asked by B***e | 12/15/2018 3:31:49 PM

I have dot on fate line with junction of heart line. I'm 55 year old and I'm going thro...

signs on Jupiter

1 Reply Asked by A***r | 12/14/2018 11:27:45 AM

There are lots of line here. Mount is exposed. 4 lines makes # and another line from mind line ...

love line interpretations bit confused please help

0 Reply Asked by A***r | 12/14/2018 11:22:35 AM

my love line is present just a bit upper than the middle portion between the little finger and ...

Sun line

0 Reply Asked by M***1 | 12/7/2018 12:38:12 PM

Hello, what is the meaning of the sun line The Sun Line starting from Mount Mars de Sus at the...

I asked my dermatologist to remove the mole on my left shoulder

1 Reply Asked by F***i | 12/1/2018 2:14:05 PM

A few months after the mole was removed my life became complicated. I quit my job and me and my...

Marriage line

1 Reply Asked by C***g | 11/28/2018 8:29:18 AM

My husband has 2 clear parallel marriage lines. The top one is longer than the bottom one. May ...

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