Auspicious Days

Need help to find lucky dates for wedding, moving, travel, grand opening, break ground, sign contract, build house, haircut…Ask here.

Renovation and Move in Dates

0 Reply Asked by M***y | 7/24/2022 6:44:00 AM

Hi. I am a female monkey (birthday 29th Sept 1992) and my husband's zodiac is sheep, birthd...

Auspicious day to take exam

1 Reply Asked by K***t | 7/10/2022 4:02:56 PM

What are the auspicious days to take exams in month of august, september and october? My birth...

Auspicious Wedding Days between March 2023 and Mid June 2023

2 Replies Asked by J***a | 7/2/2022 5:10:11 PM

Would like your recommendation on auspicious wedding dates on Saturday or Sunday, between March...

what day is lucky for me to take exams? i was born on 5th march 1999

1 Reply Asked by s***a | 6/30/2022 2:16:32 AM

in july i need to take exams on 5th or 13th and i want to know if these days are lucky for me t...

Aug move in and out date please

1 Reply Asked by z***y | 6/29/2022 12:43:08 PM

Hi, I am a snake and Aug 18 and 19, 2022 are good days for moving. But it says the snake is bad...

Auspicious day to move to new homr

1 Reply Asked by J***w | 6/23/2022 9:52:47 AM

I intend to move in to my new home either on 5 or 6 july. My zodiac sign is dragon. My main doo...

Clash of zodiac and evil direction

1 Reply Asked by J***w | 6/23/2022 12:32:00 AM

I intend to move in to my resale renovated flat on 6 july which is an auspicious date. My zodia...

Wedding in 3rd Lunar Month 2023

1 Reply Asked by J***e | 6/20/2022 5:56:37 AM

Have been told to avoid wedding in the 3rd Lunar Month due to Qing Ming festival. However, in t...

Wedding Date

1 Reply Asked by J***e | 6/20/2022 5:50:32 AM

Hi YCA, would like your recommendation for a wedding date for us between March to May 2023 plea...

I want to take nclex my birthday June 26,1985

1 Reply Asked by J*** | 6/16/2022 2:06:12 AM

What is my auspicious month and date this July to take nclex exam. Thank you so much

Marriage Day

1 Reply Asked by J***w | 6/15/2022 1:53:19 AM

Hi, I am wondering if June 18, 2023 is a good day for wedding for Female Sheep Feb 25, 1991 and...

Rabbit move in new residence in June need your advice.

1 Reply Asked by z***y | 6/12/2022 5:25:33 PM

Hi, I see June 26, 2022 (Beijing timezone) is an auspicious day for everything. But it says bad...

Auspicious Day to have a Successful Pregnancy

1 Reply Asked by J***A | 6/12/2022 10:26:49 AM

I would like to ask if July 15,2022 is an auspicious day for a successful pregnancy. And what a...

How to read your calendar and sign specific info

0 Reply Asked by z***y | 6/9/2022 2:35:26 PM

Hi, I am a bit baffled by seeing activities say NOTHING in the Auspicious column for a date. St...

Marriage day Male rooster 29/03/1981 and Female tiger 26/03/1986

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 6/8/2022 5:21:01 AM

Hello, Im looking for auspicious days to get married in fall 2022 or spring 2023 for a male roo...

Lucky day for exam

1 Reply Asked by K***e | 6/6/2022 7:18:07 PM

Hello. My dob is Aug 9, 1985. Planning to take an exam on August. What would be the best date t...

Auspicios date to take licemsure exam

1 Reply Asked by M***e | 6/1/2022 11:45:21 PM

Taking my licensure exam this June I was born July 25 1991. Which date should I take my exam in...

Auspicious days for marriage

1 Reply Asked by A***n | 5/30/2022 9:54:20 AM

Hello! I'd like to check when are some auspicious days for marriage in 2023/ 2024 for wood ...

First Day of work

1 Reply Asked by S***w | 5/28/2022 3:07:37 AM

For determining first day at new company, which category will it be under auspicious date?

Take office

1 Reply Asked by E***e | 5/27/2022 2:13:51 AM

Hi, may I know what take office mean? Thank you..

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