Auspicious Days

Need help to find lucky dates for wedding, moving, travel, grand opening, break ground, sign contract, build house, haircut…Ask here.

Best year for wedding

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 11/21/2021 4:47:44 AM

hi, there. I'm I am rooster and my beloved one ox, when would be best year for wedding for ...

Auspicious day for our wedding

1 Reply Asked by R***e | 11/21/2021 2:32:26 AM

Could you please help me figure out the most auspicious dates for our wedding (that falls on a ...

Auspicious Exam Dates

0 Reply Asked by A***l | 11/18/2021 4:01:00 PM

I want to know the most auspicious dates to take an exam for the next few months. My birthdate ...

Moving / Residence relocation/ bed installation

2 Replies Asked by S***n | 11/15/2021 3:28:39 PM

Hi, is 18 Dec 2021 morning suitable for moving furnitures into new house, bed 🛌 install...

Auspicious Days in November and December 2021 for the Exam

1 Reply Asked by C***s | 11/11/2021 3:30:16 AM

My DOB is 1 Sept 1982. I want to ask what are the Auspicious Days in November and December 2021...

What would be the best wedding day?

1 Reply Asked by A***i | 11/10/2021 5:07:54 PM

I am planning to get married in 2022 and want to know what the best date for us to do so is. M...

Funeral Date and Zodiac Signs

1 Reply Asked by E***m | 11/10/2021 2:40:24 AM

Hi I am looking for an auspicious day for my uncle and it looks like November 14th and 15th are...

Moving days

0 Reply Asked by L***H | 11/3/2021 1:57:43 PM

Hi, I’m planning to move in November and December. What are auspicious dates to move? My Chines...

Shifting/Moving dates and Stay into dates

0 Reply Asked by c***e | 11/1/2021 6:57:32 AM

Hi, i will be shifting my main furniture on 1 of the day in Dec and intend to officially stay ...

Shifting in and Moving in dates

0 Reply Asked by c***e | 10/30/2021 8:39:50 PM

Hi can i check if i have a difference dates for both shifting in and moving in dates. Do i need...

Moving into old renovated house

0 Reply Asked by M***m | 10/19/2021 2:54:52 AM

Hi, Good day, i would like to move back to my old house which just finish renovated. May I know...

Auspicious Moving Days

1 Reply Asked by N***o | 10/18/2021 11:33:17 AM

Hello, What is the column Evil Direction and does it impact selecting an auspicious moving day...

Auspicious Date for Wedding and Guo Da Li

0 Reply Asked by S***y | 10/13/2021 5:43:12 AM

Hi, would like to know there is any auspicious date for our Guo Da Li in March 2022 and if base...

What is the auspicious date for me to take an examination on December 2021?

0 Reply Asked by L***! | 10/7/2021 1:20:11 AM

I am born on January 15, 1997, and I will be taking an examination this December 2021. What wil...


0 Reply Asked by L***l | 10/5/2021 1:40:28 PM

What is the lucky dates on November and December 2021 for me to take my exam? My DOB is Decembe...


0 Reply Asked by L***l | 10/5/2021 1:36:28 PM

What is the best date to take my examination this coming November and December?

We are planning to have second child and would like to know based on our signs w

1 Reply Asked by C***r | 9/28/2021 2:22:47 PM

We are planning to have second child and would like to know based on our signs when it would be...

Auspicious Time - What time zone?

1 Reply Asked by Y***h | 9/21/2021 9:09:14 AM

I see that November 8, 2021 is an auspicious day for child birth. What time zones (e.g., centr...

Pray and Tea Ceremony

1 Reply Asked by L***g | 9/19/2021 12:54:53 AM

Hi is November 27, 2021 is a good day for pray and tea ceremony?

Lucky Wedding Day for 2022

1 Reply Asked by L***g | 9/19/2021 12:51:02 AM

Hi if you are a male tiger and fall on the tiger year of 2022 and your opposite zodiac is a f...

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