Songs on Weighing Bones: 5 Liang 6 Qian

Bone Weight Astrology for Male

Bone Weight:5 Liang 6 Qian (280g)
Fate:A life with Enough Money and Good Career
Score:79 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 82 years old
Wealth Fortune:Very good
Proper Time to Get Married:28-32 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

You are wise, honest, courteous, open, aboveboard, and always in good fortune. For you, what you get will be a stable career and a steady stream of wealth rather than disappointment after you experience the ups and downs and taste the sweets and bitters of life.

You are aggressive and energetic in youth. It is inevitable to be underemployed in spite of the lofty ambitions and it is normal to encounter a variety of obstacles at work. But if you do not go out for it, you will suffer more losses. ''Survival of the fittest'' is the rule and you need to keep up and change with the times. Then, success and fame will surely come to you. In addition, you should avoid haggling over every ounce and try not to save a little but lose a lot if you want to live in peace in old age.

Bone Weight Astrology for Female

Bone Weight:5 Liang 6 Qian (280g)
Fate:A life of longevity and happiness
Score:85 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 83 years old
Wealth Fortune:Good
Proper Time to Get Married:24-28 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

With an extraordinary air, you can be noble and elegant even if you are born in an ordinary family. No only will you have a large family, but also your children will be filial and you will enjoy harmony in marriage and family. Also, you will bring good luck to your husband and assist him to make a successful career and be free from the strike of disaster.

You are kind-hearted, outspoken and unable to keep any secrets but write everything on your face. In daily life, you can be informal and a little confused; where conducting yourself, you can easily offend others; at work, you can be dependent and dance to the tune of others. When you are young, you may rush about blindly and end up being arduous but fruitless. It is not until middle age, when you are mature enough, that your career will get better. Fortunately, you can be very popular among the opposite sex and will have a good marriage.