Songs on Weighing Bones: 5 Liang

Bone Weight Astrology for Male

Bone Weight:5 Liang (250g)
Fate:A life without worry about money
Score:65 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 69 years old
Wealth Fortune:Wealth fortune is good but you are easy to lose money as well.
Proper Time to Get Married:28-35 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

You are shrewd, competent and able to play to the score. There will be no major disasters all your life and you will be blessed in making money. By virtue of your keen observation and judgment, you can start your own business. Without relying on family background and friends, you can fight it out with your own efforts. When it comes to marriage, you tend to get married after the career goes stable; you will have a good wife and filial and promising children, and strive for further improvement in career.

Bone Weight Astrology for Female

Bone Weight:5 Liang (250g)
Fate:A life of hard work during the early age
Score:75 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 70 years old
Wealth Fortune:Wealth is easy to be gathered and easy to lost.
Proper Time to Get Married:26-30 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

Your good fortune in the life will be affected by the love affairs. You are not only kind-hearted and ready to help others, but also clever, clear-eyed and intelligent. From the aspect of career, you will be on the go in early years and won't make a million or encounter major disasters. If you can come down to earth to change the situation, you will have good luck when the time is ripe. Though everything will go well in love relationship, you should not be hasty but calm down to talk and fix any problems in the most peaceful way.