Songs on Weighing Bones: 4 Liang 2 Qian

Bone Weight Astrology for Male

Bone Weight:4 Liang 2 Qian (210g)
Fate:A life of toil
Score:74 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 78 years old
Wealth Fortune:Bad
Proper Time to Get Married:28-34 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

You are industrious and independent for the entire life yet a little stubborn, unsociable and not good at communicating or cooperating with others. Therefore, you are suitable for self-employment or research work. As for marriage, you'd better check whether the eight characters of your fiancee are compatible with yours if you want to enjoy a peaceful life after marriage. Additionally, you will get help from someone for the career in middle age and need to make preparation in advance to seize the opportunity. Being stubborn and face-saving, you can argue a point to death in interpersonal communication. To live a smoother life, however, you'd better change the way of dealing with people and try to be generous, take a step back and fix problems in a peaceful way. Then, good fortune and fame will naturally come to you.

Bone Weight Astrology for Female

Bone Weight:4 Liang 2 Qian (210g)
Fate:Your luck will turn in life
Score:74 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 79 years old
Wealth Fortune:General
Proper Time to Get Married:23-28 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

Just like a dry well abandoned for many years, your fortune will never be good enough throughout the life. If you can impress people around like a dry well suddenly bursting out water, then your luck and blessing will naturally come back.
You are good-natured, pure-hearted and very kind to others. With your own principles of doing things, you never go with the stream for petty favors. To put it in the simplest way, you are suggested to be more sophisticated, get rid of the self-centered flaw and ask others for advice with an open mind to take fewer detours; otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.