Songs on Weighing Bones: 3 Liang 4 Qian

Bone Weight Astrology for Male

Bone Weight:3 Liang 4 Qian (170g)
Fate:Life of living far from home and depends on yourself
Score:75 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 78 years old
Wealth Fortune:Can’t gather wealth and suitable to seek wealth outside
Proper Time to Get Married:35-45 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

You are short-tempered and not suited to work for others. If you leave your parents to get married and start a career, you will succeed after several twists and turns, have everything go as you wish and see money rolling in by the age of 36 to 46; also, you will be helped by others and enjoy family happiness during this period. To make sure your wife is safe, you'd better marry someone of Dragon, Tiger, Horse and Ox sign other than Monkey, Pig, Sheep and Snake. You will have two children but one of them should be adopted for the purpose of longevity. In bad relationships with your relatives, you just cannot stay together with them for long. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, you will encounter a lot of difficulties, do a lot of useless work and find it hard to make money. You will live to be 78 years old and pass away in March.

Bone Weight Astrology for Female

Bone Weight:3 Liang 4 Qian (170g)
Fate:A life of toil
Score:68 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 77 years old
Wealth Fortune:Very bad
Proper Time to Get Married:28-35 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

You, just like a little jujube tree, will find it hard to grow tall enough in the bushes. No matter in wealth or in love relationship, your great efforts might be wasted despite the hardship you go through.