Songs on Weighing Bones: 3 Liang 3 Qian

Bone Weight Astrology for Male

Bone Weight:3 Liang 3 Qian (165g)
Fate:A life of good wealt
Score:83 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 83 years old
Wealth Fortune:Have a good luck in indirect wealth fortune
Proper Time to Get Married:30-40 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

You are fine-looking and highly esteemed, open and aboveboard, fearless and high-hearted. As a result, you are attractive and popular among the opposite sex and have a very promising future. On the other hand, people who are too good can be framed up by the vile easily. Therefore, you must keep an eye in making friends and find out who is true to you and who is just pretending. Your fortune in the first half of life varies greatly from that of the second half. In the early years, you may feel everything is not going well and cannot get what you want no matter how many efforts of you; in the second half of your life, however, you will be quite lucky in making money and find it easy to fix any problems.

Bone Weight Astrology for Female

Bone Weight:3 Liang 3 Qian (165g)
Fate:A life of poor health
Score:72 (full mark:95)
Longevity:About 60 years old
Wealth Fortune:General
Proper Time to Get Married:24-28 years old
Fortune Explanation According to "Songs on Weighing Bones" by Yuan Tian-gang:

Born with a weak Ba Zi, you will have some unforgettable experiences in youth. Maybe you feel like you're having a bad time with your finances and all sorts of things happen and push you to spend money everywhere. But these are what you have to go through. You can only calm down and work like a horse, and then the situation will get better when you are old.
Of this bone weight, you are kind, sincere, clever and attractive yet can easily invite jealousy of the same sex, especially in terms of love relationship. You may be betrayed by someone you trust most for the reason of making the wrong friends. Besides, you may have been sickly and poor in immunity from childhood, for which you need to watch your diet and take more exercise.
You, just like a little jujube tree, will find it hard to grow tall enough in the bushes. No matter in wealth or in love relationship, your great efforts might be wasted despite the hardship you go through.