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Moles in irregulary square position

0 Reply Asked by E***e | 5/21/2020 11:00:01 AM

Hello, I would like to ask about a frequent pattern on my skin. It is an irregular square in which three of miles are in perfect distance to create square and one is slightly away (of perfect position). I can find it almost everywhere (on my back, arms, legs, face,..). Could you tell me what does it mean, please? Thank you.

I have a hole in my right side eyebrows

1 Reply Asked by T***g | 5/18/2020 6:19:36 AM

I have a hole in my right side eyebrows? What dose it mean?

About mars line

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 5/15/2020 7:01:50 AM

My mars line is close to life line but it's not completely parallel. In lower portion it's parallel to the life line till the half length of life line but in upper portion it has connected with the life line. So is it a support life line or family influence line !?

Question about fate line

0 Reply Asked by M***a | 5/14/2020 8:16:36 AM

I have 3 lines seems like fate line. 1 rising from the middle base of palm (this one is deep maybe fate line) and 2 others are from the side maybe what's called lunar part.Every line indicates toward the base of middle finger. These other 2 lines are broken and resumed but set in a line. Among these 3,the deep line what's called fate line has a big gap in the middle of the palm. I have seen it's meaning in article. But nowhere found that there could be 3 fate lines. Then what the other lines mean ?

Letter M on Plams

1 Reply Asked by M***n | 5/4/2020 6:14:22 AM

What if you had M line intersections on both Palms

small black mole in the right temple of face and left hand's wrist (in male)

0 Reply Asked by A***i | 4/29/2020 10:54:28 PM

There is this small black mole on the right side of temple but little down which is straight to the eye. And There is a very small black mole in the left inner wrist but little below the joints.


0 Reply Asked by N***n | 4/29/2020 5:13:31 AM

I would lioe to ask about future wealth and love life.

Question about Matching Moles

1 Reply Asked by C***W | 4/28/2020 11:24:34 AM

Hi! I have matching moles on both of the centers of my palms. They are basically in the same spot on both hands. What does this mean? Chloe W


1 Reply Asked by H***o | 4/27/2020 1:02:11 AM

if my son has unlucky eyebrow is there something to change that.

White mole between eyebrows (position 13) for males

1 Reply Asked by E***G | 4/26/2020 6:23:12 PM

What’s the meaning of this white mole (not red or black) which I have since birth?

White mole between eyebrows (position 13) for males

1 Reply Asked by E***G | 4/26/2020 8:12:01 AM

What’s the meaning of this mole which I have since from birth?

Mole on left hand

1 Reply Asked by K***a | 4/25/2020 10:27:10 PM

I have a mole on my left ring finger. what does this mean

White mole between the eyebrow for males (position 23)

1 Reply Asked by E***G | 4/24/2020 4:11:49 PM

What’s the meaning of this mole?

What if i got 2 details in face, one’s bad but the other is prosperous

1 Reply Asked by N***c | 4/23/2020 5:41:22 PM

I got one mole show that “Lifetime poverty and prone to starve to death.” But i got wealthy nose and some prosperous moles too. So, are these details contradictory with each other? My fortune will rich and poor at the same time?? (Ridiculous)

Z shaped heart line

0 Reply Asked by B***a | 4/3/2020 9:45:49 AM

What does a Z shaped heart line means? I have a heart line that begins in the middle finger and ends at the beginning of the small finger, but it is connected to a line below that starts at my ring finger and ends With the palm, forming a z shape


0 Reply Asked by B***e | 4/1/2020 10:26:23 PM

When will I get a job? And in which field should I try

Three lines on the head line.

1 Reply Asked by L***g | 3/31/2020 8:13:30 AM

My 16 yr old has 3 short distinct lines starting on the head line pointing down. No life line. What does that mean?

Diamond at the end of a lifeline

1 Reply Asked by C***n | 3/29/2020 4:37:14 PM

What does it mean when there is a Diamond at the end of the lifeline and then it looks like the lifeline faintly reappears?

Need to know about job,money and health

0 Reply Asked by A***I | 3/24/2020 2:48:31 PM

Have done graduation and still jobless seeking for government sector, have some health issue like tinnitus from last 1.5 year so willing to know about health and job/money

Kua number

1 Reply Asked by E***e | 3/23/2020 7:20:39 PM

What do I do if my husband’s Kua direction and mine are not the same?

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