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Obsidian bracelet with Pi Xiu

1 Reply Asked by D***o | 12/13/2019 7:25:29 PM

Can the Obsidian bracelet with Pi Xiu be restring after it breaks? Will it have the same Feng S...

Bathroom in North & Willow tree outside the house

0 Reply Asked by L***y | 12/10/2019 10:38:15 PM

We just moved into an old house. We have 3 bathrooms. 1 in each floor. All of them are located...

The position of the cloakroom

1 Reply Asked by S***i | 12/10/2019 9:17:12 AM

We are doing a major house renovation and need to put the cloak room in the East side of the pr...

space under the staircase

2 Replies Asked by l***h | 11/28/2019 7:00:53 PM

Dear Sir, I'm very confused with dos n don'ts under the staircase in my house. I want t...

suitable names for tiger babies

2 Replies Asked by l***h | 11/27/2019 7:08:40 AM

Dear Sir, I have found a few names in preparation for tiger babies in 2012. Hope u can select a...

facing east

2 Replies Asked by b***1 | 11/14/2019 12:03:12 AM

i live in a condo unit, the main door is facing the hallway which is west and the window with b...


1 Reply Asked by C***n | 11/13/2019 8:14:24 PM

I take care of my severely disabled mother and I am in poor health also. We have had extremely ...

Use of chain.

1 Reply Asked by I***l | 10/30/2019 7:14:29 AM

Is it OK to use chains to hang the lamps outside of my new Bar?

matatangap po kaya ako sa interview sa london for applying as staff nurse?

0 Reply Asked by a***s | 10/13/2019 8:02:41 PM

nung last month lang po, hindi ako natanggap for nuse in germany. nitong oct. 20 po, may interv...

where do I sleep? nakaapartment po kasi ako.

0 Reply Asked by a***s | 10/13/2019 7:52:09 PM

hellow po. tanong ko lang po kung anong lucky place to sleep sakin. nagsearch po kasi ako. ang ...

Best Date to Move Into new House

4 Replies Asked by R***a | 10/9/2019 12:33:48 AM

Best Date to Move Into new House, my DOB is Nov.29, 1982. Thank you.

Wearing more than (1) Pi Xiu Bracelets

2 Replies Asked by B***t | 10/4/2019 11:50:07 AM

I have been wearing a Single Pi Xiu Bracelet. I just purchased a brand new Double Pi Xiu Brace...

Master Bedroom in North East corner and no other option.

0 Reply Asked by F***n | 9/26/2019 2:46:14 AM

I have a 1BHK rented house with East entrance, and the bedroom is in the North East corner of t...

Bed placement

5 Replies Asked by A***g | 9/25/2019 2:55:04 PM

Hi Master, my Kua is 3. I'm currently sleeping facing west as that is the command position....

Proper placement for Chinese Zodiac Symbol

1 Reply Asked by M***n | 9/19/2019 7:03:04 PM

I have an old Chinese brass/round zodiac good luck charm, it has all the zodiac signs along wit...

To learn about Feng Shui

1 Reply Asked by S***x | 9/19/2019 11:42:40 AM

I am trying to learn the basics of Feng Shui.

About feng shui

1 Reply Asked by N***m | 9/12/2019 11:00:46 PM

What is feng shui and it uses?

Why is there no mention in horoscopes for retired people?

0 Reply Asked by G***n | 9/9/2019 10:47:13 AM

Hi, I have been on many Feng Shui sites and whenever I read my horoscopes I always notice that...

Trying to understand the allocation ofBagua elements

0 Reply Asked by a***c | 9/7/2019 10:38:30 AM

Hi, I've started to add feng shui to my home, adding elements colors and items related to t...

Breaking ground to build new house

1 Reply Asked by L***H | 9/5/2019 2:16:18 PM

Hello! I am a female born year of the sheep. We will be building a new home very soon. Which da...

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