My Feng Shui Lucky Obsidian bracelet broke


I received my Lucky Obsidian Pixiu bracelet. I wore for an evening. Before bed I placed it in my livingroom facing the door. The next morning I got ready for work, I was putting on my bracelet, the elastic broke, and the beads flew everywhere. The Pixiu stone is still in tact. Can I re-string and does that mean anything?

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You should have heard that the mascot protects itself from disasters. Therefore, if the bracelet of Pixiu suddenly breaks, don't be panic. Therefore, there is a great possibility that it is because Paixiu just helped you ward off a disaster. What you need to do is change the line by yourself. After the replacement, use clean water to clean Pixiu, and then wipe it with a soft cloth, except for the eyes and mouth, and let it dry naturally.

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