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Hi I would like to clarify is placing a ceiling fan in kids' room is bad for fengshui? As I heard if u put a ceiling fan in kids' room, they will be very rebellious.
Another thing is I am planning to hack off the wall for my kitchen and if I hack it off, my main door will be able to see my kitchen, therefore i would like to check if this is good? if not good, anything advice to counter it?

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If the ceiling of the rood is high, it's okay to have the ceiling fan. If the ceiling is low. It's not good to have it.

It's bad Fengshui that the main door face the kitchen directly. The hostess's health will be impacted and it is difficult to gather wealth at home. You can hang five emperors coins behind the gate to resolve the problem. You can also put some green plants next to the kitchen. Or, you can add a curtain outside the kitchen door as a cure.

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