Auspicious Days

Need help to find lucky dates for wedding, moving, travel, grand opening, break ground, sign contract, build house, haircut…Ask here.

Termination of an employee on ghost month period.

1 Reply Asked by P***o | 8/22/2020 6:11:54 PM

Due to absences without leave, I had to terminate an employee due to being awol. Will this move...

Auspicious Day

1 Reply Asked by J*** | 8/22/2020 7:08:55 AM

what is the best date on september to open my business?

Auspicious day to start new job in new company

1 Reply Asked by W***e | 8/21/2020 8:26:28 PM DOB is on 5/10/1984. May I know which day is auspicious for me to start my new job in ne...

Auspicious Days for me

1 Reply Asked by E*** | 8/20/2020 5:24:18 PM

Hello, I was born June 25, 1980 Am currently employeed but was put on furlough. I am planning t...

Best date to start new job

1 Reply Asked by C***y | 8/20/2020 3:13:49 AM

Hi, What is the best date for female born in March 2000 (Year of Dragon) to start new job betwe...

Renovation during Ghost Month

2 Replies Asked by P***g | 8/19/2020 3:16:50 PM

Our floor tiles lifted due to air pockets and will have to change them - what are the auspiciou...

Moving to new house

1 Reply Asked by C***o | 8/18/2020 7:22:01 AM

What is the most auspicious dates to move to our new house? My sign is Horse Husband - Tiger ...

Job in 2020

1 Reply Asked by M*** | 8/17/2020 10:54:09 PM

Sir/madam Please is 2020 good year for me to get new job, currently life is very hard for me Do...

Purchasing investment property

2 Replies Asked by C***y | 8/16/2020 10:55:31 PM

Hi, Is it auspicious to purchase house/have settlement of new investment property in July (Luna...

when would be an auspicious day for me to start a new job?

1 Reply Asked by K***g | 8/13/2020 12:00:34 AM

when would be an auspicious day for me to start a new job, August & Sept 2020?


1 Reply Asked by R***k | 8/11/2020 10:30:34 PM

Hello, What is the best day to move to new house this Sept 2020? I'm a dragon, my husband ...

Moving house date

1 Reply Asked by F***n | 8/10/2020 9:05:05 PM

Hi, My zodiac is rooster and my husband's zodiac is monkey. We're looking to move hous...

Joining a company in ghost month

3 Replies Asked by A***e | 8/10/2020 12:05:32 AM

Hi, I m born on 6 June 1980, female. I have got a job offer. I already tendered my resignation....

Time of construction and opening of computer shop

4 Replies Asked by E*** | 8/9/2020 8:38:35 AM

Me ang may partner plan to open an internet shop in time for the opening of classes. We will st...


1 Reply Asked by M***g | 8/8/2020 7:37:52 AM

Hi, I am looking for an auspicious day to move house. I am Dragon, my husband is Sheep, my so...

Start date for new job in September 2020

1 Reply Asked by L***g | 8/4/2020 7:15:14 AM

My birthday is 5th March 1976. Can you let me know which are the auspicious dates to start a ne...

Best Date to retire

8 Replies Asked by E***z | 8/2/2020 3:07:34 PM

Is it okay to retire in October 2020 ? Thanks

Auspicious times

1 Reply Asked by Y***e | 8/2/2020 8:24:10 AM

Hi, I have a question about the auspicious times quoted. Which time zone do we follow or is it ...

Best date and time for mpoving back to our newly renovated hous

2 Replies Asked by A***I | 7/29/2020 12:30:39 PM

I was born at 19 oct 1981, female. My partner was born at 14 aug 1979. May i know when is the b...

Whats the Difference Between Direct and Indirect Wealth?

1 Reply Asked by O***a | 7/26/2020 6:56:44 PM

Whats the Difference Between Direct and Indirect Wealth?

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