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Need help to find lucky dates for wedding, moving, travel, grand opening, break ground, sign contract, build house, haircut…Ask here.

What if good moving day is also a bad day for residence relocation?

1 Reply Asked by T***i | 7/7/2019 11:25:53 PM

I'm living in a studio room but about to move into a renting house where some of my friends have been living. 11th July is convenient for me to move, but it is also a bad day for residence relocation. What should I do? Or I just move my stuffs there on that day but not stay at night?

when will i get married and will it be love or arrange?

0 Reply Asked by P***s | 7/7/2019 11:18:51 AM

i am worried for my marriage . please help

We both dob 2/10/1988, and 1/21/1988

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 7/6/2019 9:37:58 PM

We want to know is there any more auspicious day to get marry in 2019? We want to know 2020 also

Engagement and wedding dates

1 Reply Asked by D***r | 7/6/2019 9:16:36 AM

My son is born 23rd april 1981 n the girl is 8th oct 1987.. whats the best day for engagement and marriage in jan 2020

Pick the date to marry in 2019

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 7/5/2019 2:21:45 PM

Hi please check the month of 8/25/2019 is best for us to marry? If not please help us pick the auspicious help. Thank you.

Need Help in choosing ROM and Wedding Banquet dates for 2020

1 Reply Asked by e***n | 7/5/2019 6:36:28 AM

My fiance and I are intending to have our ROM on 30th June 2020 is it an auspicious day for us? And when is a good day for Chinese weddings dinner? His english birthday is on 23rd May 1985 (OX) My birthday is on 22nd February 1985 (OX)

Moving Day

1 Reply Asked by L***m | 7/5/2019 2:10:58 AM

We’ll be moving to a new apartment tomorrow July 6,2019 Is it ok to clean the apartment tomorrow morning?

Wedding Date

3 Replies Asked by J***e | 7/4/2019 9:53:59 PM

Hi,My partner and I are thinking to do it on the 10/10/2020. This is our birth details (western): Mine : 10th April 1994 His : 15th Jan 1978 Could you please help us check if the date is good for both of us?

C section date for July 2019

2 Replies Asked by V***a | 7/3/2019 11:01:50 PM

Hi, I’ve been given a date by my doctor for c section. 24th or 25 of July 2019? Which one is a better date? My birthday is 11/05/1984 My husband birthday is 18/01/1983 Thank you. Victoria

Hi, i do not know what year is auspicius to get marry

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 7/1/2019 5:24:01 PM

My db is2/10/88 and her is1/21/88 please help us pick the auspicius this year or 2020. Show the date,and time. Thank you very much.

meaning of yellow star

1 Reply Asked by k***z | 6/26/2019 11:32:02 PM

What does the yellow star in some dates in the auspicious calendar mean?

residence relocation in clashes animal sign in family member

3 Replies Asked by a***c | 6/25/2019 11:15:20 PM

Hi im trying to choose a good day to do a residence relocation, but unfortunately it clashes with one of my family member who is not permanently living with us, but helping with the relocation and will be staying with us for a month. Should i take their animal sign in consideration? Another thing , im trying to find the best time to do a residence relocation by looking at the auspicious timing, but the timing is a little out, Zi 23:00-00:59 and Chou 01:00-02:59 , how do i move in the middle of the night and morning? I thought relocation is to be done in the morning and before noon. Thanks..

Marriage dates asap please and thank you

3 Replies Asked by D***a | 6/25/2019 12:08:35 AM

Hi there, My fiancé wants to get married next month. He is born 1981 and I am 1991. He’s a rooster and I’m a sheep. I am wondering if there is any Auspicious dates for July 2019 for us? Thank you so much 🙏


1 Reply Asked by E*** | 6/20/2019 7:38:35 AM

What the best date to marry either last week of July or first week of August. I only have limited time as my husband to be will fly back on the 19th of August to USA

Moving to a new rented apartment

1 Reply Asked by J***e | 6/16/2019 8:38:55 PM

I am a snake, my wife is a rooster. What auspicious date to move into a new rented apartment this june 2019?

When Should I start marketing?

1 Reply Asked by S***e | 6/14/2019 9:16:18 PM

I am Kaung Htet from Yangon, Myanmar, born in 1969 June 18. I am going start a construction business and when Should I start marketing?

Auspicious Wedding Dates

3 Replies Asked by D***. | 6/14/2019 8:31:12 AM

I'm born Aug 8, 1969 and my fiancé was born May 26, 1966. We'd like to get married in the month of October 2019. Could you please tell me if there are any auspicious wedding dates on a Saturday in October 2019? Also I tried to change my email address from to, however under Profile section, it would not allow me to edit. Please advise, thank you! Deborah

inauspicious wedding date

1 Reply Asked by S***o | 6/13/2019 11:33:31 PM

Hello, i wanna ask if the wedding day fall in inauspicious date for wedding what will be the effect? As we didnt know about it before and its now too late to change the date Is there anything can be done to prevent something bad? Thank you


2 Replies Asked by v***m | 6/11/2019 11:06:57 PM

Hi, me and my boyfriend are planning to get married next year. My birthday : 30 june 1993 His : 27 july 1993 we would like to know what month and day are the best wedding dates for us thanks!

Help in choosing ROM and Wedding Banquet dates

1 Reply Asked by J***g | 6/9/2019 8:39:00 PM

My fiance and I are intending to have our ROM and wedding lunch banquet on 9 August 2020. Is 9 August 2020 an auspicious day for us? My husband to be's birthday is on 7th December 1992 (Monkey) My birthday is on 10th December 1992 (Monkey)

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