Bazi is too weak - help me find remedies, please


Hello. I used the Bazi Calculator and it says my "Bazi is too weak". I read the link about remedies but I don't understand what is appropriate for my case. Can you help me?

My elements on the calculator are:

Metal: 2 | Water: 1 | Wood: 1 | Earth: 3 | Fire: 1 |

Your Five Elements (Wu Xing) have too many Earth.
Your Day Master is Water and it needs to be supported by Wood element.
Also, you should avoid to have more Fire.

Metal 24.2
Wood 12
Water 10.6
Fire 11.82
Earth 28.5

Same Group
Water+Metal 34.8

Different Group
Wood+Fire+Earth 52.32

3 Answer(s)

In life, you'd better wear more clothers with Green color. Avoid red colors. Try to develop your career in the east of your birth place; Your house is suggested to be east-facing; When sleep, you'd better sleep with the head pointing towards the west; You can also wear green phantom, jade and aventurine ornamants to improvide your luck.
Thank you.

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