New Kitchen being replaced and chosen colours may not be right in Feng shui.

Asked by Glor8 | 8/7/2017 10:08:23 AM

Hi, we are having new kitchens and bathrooms replaced from our housing association. But unfortunately I wasn't sure on the right colours. My flat with the front door at my back, is facing North. So after doing a floor plan, if I've done it right with the 9 squares, my kitchen is part East and Overlaps a little into South East.
My question is are these colours ok for the kitchen? Cream cupboards with silver handles, wooden effect floor tiles, white wall tiles with black panel strip all round the tiles, shiny black work surfaces and white walls? At the moment I have a black cooker and microwave.
Hope this all makes sense. If the colours are not right what remedies can I use?

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Joe Chaw 8/8/2017 10:08:07 AM


The colors are okay except the wooden effect floor tiles. Wood color in Feng Shui belongs to Wood. Kitchen belongs to Fire. Wood makes fire burn more and more furiously. Too much fire will not be good for your health.

Glor8 8/8/2017 11:40:42 AM

Hi, Thank you Joe Shaw.

I will see if I can change floor tiles to a different colour. If not, are there any remedies I can use in the kitchen to counteract the wood effect tiles?

Thank you

Joe Chaw 8/9/2017 3:06:52 AM

If you could use white, yellow or brown to replace, that's good. I'm not sure if you could find some stickers to paste on the floor. That's much easy to do compared to change the floor titles.

Glor8 8/9/2017 11:44:48 AM

Thank you. I've asked the subcontractor if I could change the floor tiles colour and he said yes. When he gave me the other colours I only liked the grey. They didn't have yellow or brown only the wood effect. The replacement kitchens and bathrooms are not taking place until September, so I think I changed the colour just in time. I hope the Grey is ok and not just as bad as the wood effect.

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

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