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I am a Fire Pig 1947 yet born in January 1948. According to the reading for Pig, it states that Pig people are wealthy, yet I've never been wealthy in my life. For Pigs lucky colours state White, Gold and Grey. Unlucky colours are Red, Green and Blue. Yet the latter are my preferred colours, but I can't wear them.
My question is what if my actual birth year, which is Rat, is more applicable for me? Thankyou

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What's your birth date?

If you can't wear your lucky colors, you can use those colors in your house decoration to bring you good luck.
Hi thank-you for your reply.
My date of birth is 7th January 1948

I do wear my lucky colours of white, yellow and gold, so that’s ok. But my unlucky colours of red, blue and green I very rarely wear, but would like to wear more often.

So, if I can use lucky colours in the home what happens to my unlucky colours of red, green and blue which I already have around the home. For e.g. I have red curtains in the fire section of my home as well as a blue couch cover in the water area of my room. Should I remove these because they are my bad luck colours?

Im still confused about my feng Shui animal because I’m certainly not a pig animal of wealth.

Thankyou for your time.

If you could remove those bad colours in your life, you luck may become better thatn before. Luck doesn't happen every year for a person, by using your lucky elements more in your life and together with your effort, your luck will come one day.
Hi thank you for your response. Sorry for the delay in replying.

I think these lucky and unlucky colours are too confusing. If I remove all unlucky colours would mean having to buy more clothes and furnishings etc.
I try to use feng shui where I can but unfortunately at this stage in my life my flat is presently showing bad luck feng shui due to clutter in every room. This reason being having to cancel my storage room and bring it all home. This was due to costs.
So at this time all I can do is search feng shui in hopes of finding remedies for all my goods, which can’t be rid of.
Thankyou for your time, I really appreciate it.

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