How to create good Feng Shui in my kitchen?

Asked by R***t | 3/25/2015 11:45:58 AM

I'm moving to my new house. It's said that it's important to keep the kitchen in good Feng Shui. What should I do to create good Feng Shui in my kitchen?

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W*** 3/26/2015 1:26:58 AM

For good Fengshui, keep your kitchen simple and do not overload it with gadgets.

S***y 4/2/2015 11:40:10 AM

For a good Feng Shui color in your kitchen, yellow is a good choice.

T***s 10/2/2015 7:23:15 AM

Make sure the stove is not facing the toilet, washing machine or anything related to water. The stove should keep at least 2 m away from the basin. And it should not situated near windows. Like what no. 1 person said, keep the kitchen simple.

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