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3 yrs ago we had new kitchens and bathrooms installed. I chose black tiles for my kitchen and grey tiles for my bathroom. But these were the wrong colours for my rooms. My bathroom is in the water element and my kitchen in the metal element. I thought blue would be OK for the walls in the bathroom and green for the kitchen. I'm thinking earth colours seeing as kitchen is metal. I'm confused. Which are the correct colours for my Western feng shui? Thank you for your time.

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Here are some suggestions for the color of the kitchen and bathroom:

The light and bright warm colors, such as white and green, should be applied to the kitchen to create a relaxing environment.

The dark color shall be avoided in the bathroom decoration since the bathroom is a place full of Yin and lacking of Yang. Therefore, the bathroom wall shall not use the tiles in grey, black and blue but the tiles in red, orange or yellow.

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