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Dear, Sir

Can I ask you about house Feng Shui?

1. In kitchen room, what should we have incense light place(pray place)? if have, how to arrange that place direction (my house have pray place in kitchen room)?

2. How may pray place in our house? how to arrange pray place in right direction?

3. where is location of house keeper pray place? where is right direction of house keeper pray place in our house?

4. if I buy Feng Shui Pi Xiu from market to make necklace, so we have to bring it to Chinese pagoda first or no need to go to pagoda, what should we do to it as auspicious?

5. can you post Feng Shui funeral process all step similar house Feng Shui in your website: thank you for helping to describe.

Best regards,

Ca KoKo

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