cathing a Goldfish by the tail? what does this means my DOB is 12-04-75


What is the interpretation of i saw in my dream that I saw a goldfish swimming in a clear water and I catch it easy by the tail, the fish is just medium size it was very energetic when i caught it by the tail, but someone like a woman killed it, she hit it with a nail or hammer on d head...I also see man and women being killed by someone, i was so scared so I wake up...what could this mean to me? I am a single mother working away from home, I have two daughters and I really wish to get them one day to be with me? Could I also success in my new job?

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Hi rubie,

Dreaming of goldfish swimming in a clear water is very auspicious. It indicates you can show well in your field like fish in water and get great success in work.

Some killed the fish is also not bad in real. It shows your work will be smooth and you will have unexpected luck and get unexpected help from others.

You should pay much attention to your personal relationship recently as you see others killed by someone in dream.

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