What if I dreamt of a red snake chasing, bite me but after that someone


I dreamt of a red snake chasing me while i drag my sister and mother to runaway from our home but then i was bitten and yet killed it. I'm not sure if i am the one who killed it or someone(please answer this both for assurance) after that there is other scenario where i was practically walking and the red snake that was killed still chasing me but i felt like I'm not in danger but, i practically jump and sit on the thing i saw which is the motorcycle and i told someone i was holding into that there is a red snake.
I don't know i was scared but at the same time not? Because it feels like there is no harm on him?(I don't know why i think the red snake is a man😬) inshort he just follows me all around.. please i hope you can answer this😭😭 this is my second time dreaming about it.

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