White docile cheetah in my house & she laid down on her back so I could pet her.


I dreamt of living in this house that I didn't recognize but it is beatiful. I look to my right & see a big 'white' cheetah just standing there. When she walked towards me, I was scared but felt like she had cubs somewhere & motherlike love emitted from her. She nudged my leg & sat down in front of a door that lead to the hall (the door was closed). Then she rolled over on her back wanting a belly rub. Before I touched her, I asked, "Are you going to bite me?" She nodded her head side to side & said 'No'. So, I pet her & she was very content. End of dream.

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Hi Tona,

It indicates the success of your career, which will make you full of joy, and your current situation is bright.

Good luck

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