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In my dream, my girlfriend and I were in a tropical resort that had a tiger in a cage. At one point my girlfriend and I got time alone with the tiger. It saw me and began rubbing the bars of its cage like it wanted affection. I was compelled to pet and hug the big cat and I approached without fear. My girlfriend was afraid and kept saying "baby" wI th fear in her voice, that tiger was enjoying the affection as much as I was. I had my girlfriend pet it but she was still afraid, and I was afraid for her, I knew if she made the wrong move or turned her back on the tiger it would attack her. It then jumped out of its cage and laid on me like we were the best of friends. My girlfriend became more comfortable and I made sure to let her to not turn her back, the tiger never attacked. I woke up feeling it was a special dream but was confused. I am insecure, have financial issues, and lost my temper a little for the first time in a long time the day before. Looking for work. Any info on this dream would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Tyrel brim,

Your dream shows you will have a fluctuate fortune recently in waking life. You will meet many difficulties. Luckily, all the problems could be solved with your great effort.

In terms of love, it reminds you there is a third party loving your girlfriend. But you don't need to worry this too much. As long as you believe your love and trust each other, your love will be more firm.

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