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in my dream i have a 1 pair of a snake as a pet which is have a vibrant color the 1st one has Golden Color and the other one is Silver Color. when the two accidentally sneak out from the cage they won't runaway instead they just going back and forth as like they are playing around the living room and went outside and went back inside the house and wanted to chase by me but i feel like a little bit afraid to get bitten as they are quite aggressive so i decided to get a plastic box to captured them i captured the Golden snake first but the silver one are the most aggressive one and he bite my son on his tongue as he wanted to hug the silver snake. the fangs of the silver snake are stuck to the tongue of my son when i tried to pull out the fangs slowly to my son's tongue there he started to show what kind of snakes they are they are Cobras they were not that long but they are wide enough to swallow a person.. when i woke up i get confuse about they're very vibrant color of Golden and Silver and i feel like something good is on that dream. in waking life i was really scared of snake i might be passed out if i saw or touched one. i just wanted to know the meaning of my dreams.
thank you.

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The Golden snake usually indicates difficulty and barrier in life which reminds you to watch out especially. If you are female, the dream of the golden snake indicates you will be open and above board during the whole life and also you are of moral integrity. It may also shows your demand for great wealth in waking life.

The Silver snake in dream is an indication of getting rich. But as it bit your son, it hunts there will be disharmony in your family which will bring you unhappiness.

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