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Before my mother in law passed away in 2015, we never had a mother and daughter bonding kind of relationship. She still talks to me, but we weren't that close. She owns a mansion home, left to her 4 surviving children, including me and her grandchildren. Lately, I am not sure why she has been visiting me in my dreams.
My first dream about her was back in 2016, the same month and year of her one year anniversary in heaven. As of now I still can't get over that dream. I dreamed that she like wanted me to look at her and follow her to her bedroom. But she kept walking and looked back at me and never bother to say anything. I'm not sure what was my dream was about, I have no clue. All i was thinking, probably she came to remind me that it has been a year since she left earth to be with our maker.
As of today, I dreamed about her again. This dream took me back to her days when she was a first lady. My father in law was a former Governor in American Samoa. That's where she got her title as the first lady. She was dressed in our traditional wear, dancing at the park, while everyone cheering her on and dancing around her. Her grand babies was also in my dream, they were at their very young age. These grand babies are her heart. She spent years with these babies up at the Governor's mansion. Until the Governor passes away in 2003. These grand babies are so not babies anymore, they're all off to college now. I woke up from my dream questioning myself.
Ever since her passing, I have never heard her children talking about their mother visit them in their dreams. In our household (mother in law's home) my husband is the head of the household. We live together with his two siblings. His sister suffers from bipolar disorder and his brother was born handicap. His other sibling lives in Hawaii, she's also going through dialysis treatments. My husband and I basically do everything around the house. We have seven children and one adoptive child. The old lady's grand babies don't live with us anymore. The oldest four, includes our adoptive son was taken care by her. Two are in college, attending UH Manoa University and Dixie Utah. The other one lives with her other grandparents. The adoptive one lives with my husband's sister in Hawaii, working.
In general, I am not really sure what really my mother in law wants me to do. We really didn't have anything in common when she was alive. Is she reaching out to me to be strong??? Is she trying to comfort me through the struggles that I'm going through with her family??? Is she reaching out to me to warn me about something??? These dreams has lead me to many unanswered questions.

pls help the helpless???

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