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Asked by S***h | 5/26/2017 3:12:58 AM

I dreamt of a tiger being in my home or a relative's home. He/Shewas very attached to my niece & would not leave her side. Almost very protective. In the dream I was terrified that it would hurt her. I tried to find many ways to get her away from it. Towards the end of the dream it became violent chasing after myself & other (other family members & strangers) and I was trying to fights it off & kill it. My niece was no longer near it or part of the dream & the setting was out doors. I awoke terrified & unsuccessful of getting rid of the tiger. What's does it mean?

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n***i 5/26/2017 6:57:55 AM

Hi Stormysmith,

Tiger in the dream stands for difficulty. Dreaming of the tiger indicates you will meet difficulties in life. The tiger being in your home indicates you may get promoted. Trying to fight or kill the tiger means you could overcome difficulties and have a success in career.

M***e 5/30/2017 5:11:54 PM

I had a dream a tiger was looking at me from afar. It kept growling & looking at me like I was food. I was with other people that I don't remember knowing. We were outside but the tiger was sitting on a porch watching us & followed along with us. I remember we tried running but my feet felt heavy & it was hard but we weren't ready to get away from the tiger.

n***i 5/31/2017 3:29:29 AM

Hi Maggie,

The Tiger may the symbol of strength or the leadership besides difficult. There are to interpretations about your dream. First is that it's a dream hinting you will be protected or followed by some one. The person just like the tiger full of strength and have leadership. Second, it shows you will have difficulties in life and it's hard for you to overcome.

S***r 7/15/2017 6:03:25 AM

Hi, Thanks for your interesting information
Last night i had a dream of tiger, i was in big garden with others which protect by 3 old gates, eventually i went out to check out side and then from holes of 3th gate i saw a wolf at first, it seems harmless after that i saw a scary tiger he kills a cheetah or leopard at a glance,after that the tiger saw me and i scared very much he started running at me, he attack gate whic was unstable and he easily pass it, so i run to the 2th gate which was more stable and i try to hold gate in order to protect ppl inside garden tiger was so smart he break gate from point of its weakness when i saw gate falling start running to last gate. i lock it and run to people to warn them from incoming danger, then i heard sound of shooting i went back and saw that tiger was not moving, not sure he is dead but i saw 4 dead body killed by tiger. 2 child and 1 man and 1 woman. well this was my dream i have parents and a sister and a brother. and i also start working in tiny company. this dream scare me a lot because i think those dead body maybe be my family. please tell me your opinion thanks.
sorry for my bad English.

A***s 7/17/2017 3:45:49 AM

in my dream, lots of people were killed by the tiger. I think I saw tiger attaching people through a window. Not sure though. I'm not sure if I saw the tiger, but heard people saying about it for sure. I kept myself inside somewhere in a building. I had this belief I might get hurt if I go out at night. Then I saw some people coming inside the room. I got this feeling the tiger will follow them. I closed the door and hold on to it tight. Then the tiger came in. It was in the next room. I'm not sure I saw it. Then I heard gun shots. I wake up believing it's dead. What does it mean?

A***e 7/17/2017 9:39:52 AM

Lots of people were killed by the tiger indicates there will be difficulties for your family members or your friends. If the tiger was shot dead finally, there will be nothing bad happen to them. Don't worry.

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