Dream of a tiger


in short of a very weird dream, I walked out of my house to see a tiger right in front of my house but I slowly retreat and nothing happens. then I go back to already find a tiger inside who is fighting off my cousin. so now we are fighting off a tiger together. I suddenly put my umbrella deep in his throat and he settles down but then someone enters my house with a lot of baggage and the tiger recovers, throwing the umbrella out of the house, and chases us out of the house. I go and hide in my garage where I feel I am safe. but I woke up slighred scared and my breathing was fast. its too elaborate a dream and I am currently tensed in my life regarding a competitive exam I am appearing for. oh and befire that I dreamt of shopping with my dad and facetimeing with a blogger I admire

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Dreaming about the tiger usually suggests that you will encounter difficulty on the way to success and reminds you that you need to study or work harder or pay more attention to the health of your family and yourself.

You dream just indicates that you have very great potential and could overcome all obstacles bravely to achieve the goal and strive to succeed in work or study but you need to bravely enough to overcome different kinds of difficulties.

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