What does it mean when I dream about me being the tiger?


In my dream, I was the tiger. Like I know it was me as the tiger. My body was a tiger. And while dreaming, I could see myself as a tiger. I was not scared. I just saw some people whom I don't really know and they were like scared or just looking but I was looking at them as well.

I've been dreaming a lot of tigers the other week as well. Like I was trying to shoo the tiger away. I was a little frightened but I didn't back out. I successfully made it stay at a distance from our door. And I felt like I succeeded in making it go out from our house or something like that.

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Dreaming about youself being the tiger shows you are hesitate about something and couldn't decide to do it. This may be caused by your lack of willpower or you don't put your feet down or be restricted by someone.

Another situation is you do something wrong and you don't want others to know.

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