love match and auspicious date for wedding


Hi I am born on 28/01/1965
My boyfriend is born on 11/02/1963

We are both divorced and would like to share our life together in love this year.
I would like to know if we are compatible.

Is there an auspicious date for us to tie the know in 2017

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Your are Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology. Your boyfriend is Water Rabbit.

Dragon and Rabbit are not compatible because they are in one of the Six Harming Groups of Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese culture, it’s thought that if a Dragon and a Rabbit get married, the Rabbit will harm the Dragon and making the Dragon easy to get ill. The male Rabbit likes to enjoy life and doesn’t have a strong attachment to his family. Although he is troubled and distressed, he would not like to confide to the female Dragon. While, the female Dragon is usually independent and determined, when having conflicts with the male Rabbit, she would less to move back which will aggravate the contradictions. If you want to enjoy a happy marriage, both of you should make great sacrifice and avoid being bored in life.

Luckily, Water makes Wood grow, so you are compatible to some extent if you could make compromise when stay together.

As for wedding date. Auspcious months are Chinese lunar February and March (February 26,2017- April 25,2017 in Gregorian calendar). You can choose auspicous wedding dates during this period:

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