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My mother went to the Buddhist Temple to ask for auspicious wedding dates for 2018.
They informed her that it is still not available. It will be available 4th quarter of 2017.
I would like to ask why is it that they told her that 2018 wedding auspicious dates are still not available
but in this website, I can see full 12 months 2018 wedding auspicious dates?

Also, the clashes I should look out for are only for bride and groom, parents of both sides right? Siblings (brothers/sisters) zodiac doesn't matter?

Thank you

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Hi Karen,

The auspicious dates for occasions are based on Chinese Almanac Calendar. It's available for all the years including the future years. The auspicous dates is calculated by a regular rule, so they can be available in all years. You don't need to wait for the year and then get the dates.

The clashes you should look out for are only for bride and groom not inluding parents of both your sides and siblings zodiac.

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