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How good of a love match is water pig woman and metal monkey man? Thanks!

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Hi olya,

My husband and I are just of this combination. It's said Pig an Monkey ham each other and couldn't last long in Chinese zodiac culture but I don't think so.

I'm just a pig born in 1983 with the water element. My husband is born in 1980 under the metal element. After we get married, we seldom have quarrels. When we have disputes, my husband always keep silent and don't quarrel with me. I'm very prudent originally and he is extravagant in nature. He teaches me to enjoy life and buy what I want which makes me feel happy than before. Also, he is very resposible to family and loves to play with children. Besides, he is hardworking and trying to make more money to make our life much better. In fact, he has such a bility. Now, we live a very good life.

I think this is maybe because 'Metal genderates Water' in element. He really makes me grow and being with him I really feel safe.
Dear Hettie,
Your answer means a lot to me and gives me even more hope that everything will be fine with me and my future husband. Thank you so much for your reply!

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