2 separate dreams where something catches fire and I put out with water.


My first dream was a few nights ago, I was in a familiar place I can't quite remember. Something caught fire and i was alerted to it by smell and smoke. Very small and I used glass of water nearby to put it out. It was still on fire, I wish I could remember more details but I think I smothered it.

Second dream. Myself, my infant son, and my dog are sleeping on an old hide a bed in my parents old basement decorated the way it was when I was s kid. There's a heater on the floor near mattress and again I am alerted to the smoke and smell. I call off the dog while scooping my son I flip the mattress and put out where it caught fire with a 1L water bottle that I always have with me in real life. This time fire is out completely. Then I think my brother comes in and I show him.

I don't freak out or panic. I just calmly and quickly put water on it. It doesn't wake me up or anything. But the second dream concerns me the most because my dog and son are involved.

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Hi Ruby,

Fire is closely related to luck and wealth. From the positive perspective, it symbolizes passion, desire and wealth; from the negative perspective, however, it means frustration, anger, worry or destruction. As you are not afraid of the fire and it is under control, it is a symbol of your own internal fire and inner transformation. Something old is passing and something new is entering into your life.
I am expecting or should say we are expecting iur first great grandchild so that will be a whole lot of love. And facing two of our sons marriage ending. But could be other situations.
the dream I had last night was in a house, someone was smoking and an ash fall on the floor, I looked for a container to fill with water to put it out. found a cup filled it and poured it on to the smoldering spot. i could hear the sizzle as the water hit. Then I asked , should we call the fire dept. to make sure it's out. someone answered Naw, it should be fine. Then about a couple ft. away we could see the carpet and under the floor boards the smoldering red embers we could see. so I got more water but the smoldering kept burning and i got more water and drenched it, it didn't seem to help. In between the floor boards I could see clothes like jeans start to catch on fire from the embers. I kept asking should we call the fire dept ? No one answered. then I woke up... That is the first fire dream I ever had. searched the web and looked at many dream sites but nothing really hit me as to what my dream was.
Thanks for this site.

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