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I have a question. I am born in 1996, which makes me a fire rat. While the rat suits me perfectly I do wonder about the elements. I am fire, yet everything I have read about fire and water makes me feel like water is much more alike me as a person, both now and in the past.
Could one be aligned more to another element than the one assigned to you, or am I going to end up more alike a fire rat later in my life? How important is the elements and how well they suit you?

Thanks and bless you!

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Could you please provide your date of birth, birth time and birth place? I will help your element further.
1996 11 29
~06:00~ (06:03~)
In Sweden, Dalarna (the city of Falun)

Thank you so much for your fast respons! I am incredibly intrigued by the chinese zodiacs and all involved. Glad I found this website!
Hi Midna,

In your Bazi, there are one metal element, three water, no wood, three fire and one earth. In addition you were born in the winter season in which water has the most strongest strength, so, water plays a dominant role in your life.
Alright thank you so much!

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