Very weak bazi


So i got this result.
Your Self Elements Analysis
Metal: 1 | Water: 2 | Wood: 2 | Earth: 2 | Fire: 1 |
Your Five Elements (Wu Xing) have too many Water . Your Day Master is Water and it needs to be supported by Wood element. Also, you should avoid to have more Fire.
Five Elements Score
Metal 15.08
Wood 17
Water 17.84
Fire 19.32
Earth 17.1
Same Group
Water+Metal 32.92
Different Group
Wood+Fire+Earth 53.42
As a water as day master should not the wood supposed to hurt the water? Why it write down that i should got support from wood? What the right remedies element for me? Thanks

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More wood could absorb the strenth of water. So, you need to be supported by wood element.

You'd better do wood related work, decorate your house with more wood colors like green, or wear green color clothes to improve your luck.
Thanks for the reply. I got a different suggestion for remedy, they told me to have more metal element and water for remedy, since metal will produce water. Which is im lack of metal and water(the precentage of them is the lowest) and a weak water daymaster. And told me to do a metal related job. Really appreciate the explanation sir, thanks

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