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Dream about fire at my mothers house just the room of my brother. The fire is there but nothing burns I also try to put out the fire but the fire was just burning without spreading. Then smoke for a short time. Fire was never put out in my dream also did not spread.

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Hi Maria Basson,

It's an auspicious dream indicating there will be good things happen to you. Profits will pour in from all sides to you. So, the rich life is expected.
Fire and water are both related to emotional matters could be love or hate and jealousy so how was your relationship with your brother who lived in that room...??? The fact that it did not spread and just stayed in the room but cannot be put out means it was a manageable deep feeling which lasted a long time about your brother and it did not burn up anything is also a good sign...Much like the burning bush Moses had the experience with talking to God
i had strange dream, i was eating but 3 cat keep trying to eat my rice and it pissed me of, were ever i move in are of the room those cat's keep chessing me and stick on my foot. theres 3 of us in that room me,myfriend and unknown but seem friendly
Hi anna,

It reminds you that there are mean fellows around you. Be careful about your friends.

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