Why are opposite signs each other's worst matches in Chinese astrology?


Dragon - Dog
Snake - Pig
Horse - Rat
Goat - Ox
Monkey - Tiger
Rooster - Rabbit

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Hello DiamondBaby,

What you provided are the Six Offending (Conflicting) Groups of Chinese Zodiac. They are the worst matches because the earthly branches of the signs in the same group clash with each other.

For example, the earthly branch of Rat which is 'Zi' stands for Water and North. While the earthly branch of Horse which is 'Wu' stands for Fire and South. Water controls Fire in five element and North and South are in the opposit position. So, they conflict with each other. Therefore, the Rat usually couldn't be compatible with the Horse people.
Thank you, it makes sense! I have always thought that opposites don't attract, whether it be Chinese astrology, Western astrology, or simply every day life. :)

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