Please answer these questions. Thanks a lot! (:


Hey everyone!
A friend and I are doing a school project on Chinese astrology, because we think it is very interesting. We have to interview someone who believes in Chinese astrology, or knows a lot about it, and since we don't know anyone IRL, we thought this would be the place to be! So we would very much appreciate it if you would answer these questions:

1. What is your sign and do the characteristics of that sign apply to you?
2. To what extent do you believe in Chinese astrology?
3. Do you think astrology can predict the future?
4. Why did you become interested in Chinese astrology?
5. What is your favorite sign and why?
6. What do people around you think about Chinese Astrology?

Thanks for answering them!

4 Answer(s)

Someone please
1. My Chinese zodiac sign is pig. Most of the characteristics of the Pig sign apply to me. Some not.
2. I believe in Chinese astrology to some extent.
3. No
4. It's interesting.
5. Rabbit. Because it's a lovely sign.
6. My friends are also interested in it. They usually check the Chinese calendar to see auspicious dates for wedding, moving...Also check the love match with their boyfriends.
1 My sign is Monkey. The characteristics described for the Monkey apply me too much.
2 I believe Chinese astrology very much.
3 Yes, I think in some aspects it can predict the future like the yearly horoscope.
4 I'm interested in Chinese astrology because it can predict many things for me. It's mysterious.
5 If I choose, my favorite sign is still monkey. Because it's a smart animal.
6 Some of them think it's superstitious to believe this. Some are interested about it and keen on it.

Good afternoon! My friends and I have done about a year and a half worth of looking into the Chinese Zodiac and Our 'Western' Horoscopes.....its soooo interesting!! Some weekends thats all Im swatting up on but sooo much information Im still learning....! We do prefer (just out it pipped really) the Chinese Zodiac.
1) Im a Metal Monkey....Its like reading about me, how I am and how I behave.....the amount of times Ive been called a cheeky Monkey and out wit everyone!!haha!
2) Its just weird reading about yourself and friends/family and thinking 'oh yeah' thats them??? I dont live by the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly scopes but love a read...
3) Hmmmm....probably not but you never know??? Things change, different ideas/feelings that you pick up as we bumble along in life. I think, maybe, its like one of those books (go to page 33 if you would like this to happen, or page 100 for this to happen......????)
4) just interested one day...then got hooked!
5) Monkey (obvs)!!were just fun to be around....Cheeky, clever, social, naughty, human(ish) features (I dont have a tail....and I cant climb a tree but were identical in every other way! lol!....ooooo and I love a banana (or a pomegranite) and winding up a good friend (who is a Tiger)!!.....weirdly, were actually not talking at the moment?!
6) Close friends are interested in it too. I dont really mention it to other people as still a learner. I do swat up on new people if I get a date of birth tho......!! I try and guess from their traits and what Ive read.
Hope Ive helped you?
Have fun looking into it.......what a great project to work on.
Im off to my rope, tyre swing now for a play around.......!haha!

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