Can you please tell me my best compatible love matches?


I'm a female, Birthday is 1:21 am, 1/5/1988 Chinese Lunar New year calendar, year of dragon.
I would like to know how compatible I am with this person:
Chinese lunar birthday: 12/9/1989.

Also, who are my best love matches according to my time of birth and sign?

Thank you sincerely!

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Hi, the person you mentioned is under the Chinese zodiac sign of Snake. According to the Chinese zodiac compatibility theory, you can be compatible with each other although you are not the best match. See you score here:

Your best compatible love matches are the persons under the Rat, Monkey or Rooster signs.
Based on your birthday, seems like if you are patient enough to wait one more year, a more compatible match may appear ..
The best match for a Dragon woman is a Monkey man.

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