what's in store for the fire monkey for 2017


what should I expect for 2017 being a fire monkey in health, wealth and happiness

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I think you were born in 1956. For the Monkey born in 1956, just relieving from clashing with Tai Sui in 2016, you will have obviously better luck in wealth in 2017 than the previous year. Although you will be unlikely to have large income, your wealth will be stable, especially the income from work.

Health will be the most important problem for you in 2017. You will have bad luck in health in the first half year but the situation will be improved in the latter half of the year. You need to beware of food safety and keep an eye on stomach diseases. Also, you may suffer from nervous system disease. Under the influence of the inauspicious star Tiangou (天狗), you need to pay attention to body injury and traffic safety while driving.

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