Fire Rooster Husband Earth Rooster Wife - What's in store for 2017?


Fire Rooster husband and Earth Rooster wife going through very difficult and nasty divorce. What's in store for 2017? Will they reconcile or divorce for good?

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Rooster usually creates a self-inflicting problem of obstruction which means two Roosters are not suitable to be friends, partners or get married because they clash with each other.

Your life together will be full of arguments. Both of you are gifted, which makes you feel superior to the other. In career, you are both responsible, capable and successful, which makes you even conceited and impersonal.

2017 which is year of Fire Rooster is not good for the Rooster as you meet your animal year which is called Ben Ming Nian. People in his Ben Ming Nian usually have a fluctuate fortune and usually have a bad mood affected by many factors. Things may become much worse. But it all depends, things may also become much better if you could deal then properly with a calm mood. So, the year will be a turning point for you.

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